IAM Configuration
Across all accounts
in a single location

Validate user access activity, Access Key usage,
group membership and MFA compliance in one location

Track all Versions
of your IAM Policies
for changes

Easily compare differences between
different IAM Policy versions to know exactly
what changed when and why

Easily navigate
Security failures
and identify offenders

Find security failures and identify
what is causing the failure in a specific region.
Remediation instructions shows you exactly how to fix the issue.



GDPR Compliance
CIS Internet Security Benchmark

Shared Responsibility

Much like security, compliance is part of the AWS shared responsibility model. AWS is responsible for managing its systems, but you are responsible for your own environments. Of course, this is easier said than done in a dynamic cloud environment. The good news is that the right security and compliance tools can help you to mitigate the complexities with ease, so you can ensure that all of your bases are covered.

Compliance Features

We take a holistic approach to AWS compliance, offering you real-time insight into users, resources and activities, so you can take appropriate action. Through your Intelligent Discovery dashboard, compliance management is made simple. With standard rule sets, benchmarking records, reporting, and data automation, everything you need to remain compliant in your AWS environment is at your fingertips.

Rule Set

Improve compliance visibility through organizational rule set implementations. Our AWS compliance tools allow for quick verification and auditing of both internal policies and industry standards. You can customize your dashboard functions to provide teams with the appropriate rule set management resources.

Compliance Benchmarking

User initiated and regularly automated checks allow for verification of NIST, CIS, HIPPA, GDPR & PCI-DSS benchmarking compliance. Collect and review the necessary data to ensure compliance and satisfy auditing requirements within a consolidated dashboard. Compliance metrics are stored for up to 12 months to allow for historical trending throughout the year.


Access complete, instant, and comprehensive reporting to help ensure and demonstrate compliance. Within a single report, compliance can be verified through simple dashboard access and analysis. Our reporting tools enable efficient audits while also allowing you to rapidly identify risks to your AWS cloud services and take the appropriate steps to resolve.


Compliance can’t just occur at audit time. Continual compliance through reporting, analysis, benchmarking, and rule set adherence is a critical piece in AWS cloud management. Traditional tools and laborious manual analysis are ineffective and time consuming at best. Through Intelligent Discovery, automation is not only an ease, it is continual and can be as frequent as needed.


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Other Key Features

Security Assessment

From threat detections and benchmarks, to audits, remediation's and more, we give you the power to manage your AWS cloud security with ease.

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Consolidate your inventory management with consistent and frequent security logs, inventories, and change logs. Dashboard reporting for extensive analytical value.

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Cost & Usage

Access consolidated capacity, cost, and volume tools in a scaling environment without impacting production or breaking the bank.

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