EC2 Instances
Across all accounts
in a single location

Know what you have in each account, its usage,
its platform and its utilization pattern.

RDS Instances
Across all accounts
in a single location

Know what you have in each account, its usage
its engine and its utilization pattern.

Lambda Functions
Across all accounts
in a single location

Know what you have in each account, its usage
its runtime and its utilization pattern.



Asset Tracking

View all asset information in your dynamic Inventory dashboard, including EC2 Instances, IAM Users, Access Keys, S3 Buckets, Reserved Instances and more. Get the full picture with AWS inventory tracking that displays the necessary information on the account all the way down to the specific security group assignment.

Aggregated Account Overview

Collect and view inventory for the following data types, all in one place. Each category provides a full inventory, offering all pertinent information for a comprehensive AWS security report.

• EC2 Instances
• IAM Users
• S3 Buckets
• Load Balancers
• RDS Instances
• RedShift Clusters
• Lambda Functions
• DynamoDB Tables
• SSL Certificates

and much more...


Improve Network Security

IT asset discovery and collection leads to a more secure and manageable network. In order to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate, knowing what and who is on your network is essential. Your AWS inventory report provides the insight you need to discover vulnerabilities and take appropriate action.

Front side security planning is worth its weight when considering potential of revenue loss, data exposure, and lost trust in the event of a breach. Intelligent Discovery can help you improve the overall security of IT while minimizing exposure to cyber crime and data spills with a full range of data points like expired licenses, latest patch status, server weakness identification, OS, anti-virus, and more.


Customizable Data Reporting

IT asset information is collected and readily available to review through the Intelligent Discovery dashboard or by downloading one of the standard reports. Customizing your asset tracking and reporting is easy. Simply select the data types and information you want to track for each category, or stick with the default settings. There are many types of reporting variations to choose from

Data filtering and sorting capabilities allow you to quickly see where all of your vulnerabilities are. You can also export this data to Excel for ease of sharing with internal parties and other applicable shareholders.

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Track and manage AWS inventory data with ease, remediate threats and improve your overall AWS cloud security posture with Intelligent Discovery. Test drive our AWS security platform with a two-week free trial!

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Other Key Features

Security Assessment

From threat detections and benchmarks, to audits, remediation's and more, we give you the power to manage your AWS cloud security with ease.

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Expedite compliance with defined organizational rule sets and customization options with industry standard benchmarks and best practices.

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Cost & Usage

Access consolidated capacity, cost, and volume tools in a scaling environment without impacting production or breaking the bank.

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