Intuitive Dashboard
Single pane of glass
For all accounts

Complete overview of all security issues
for all compliance standards in one location

individual Dashboard for
each control & compliance

Navigate or drill down to the individual
control framework that is most relevant to your organization

Easily navigate
Security failures
and identify offenders

Find security failures and identify
what is causing the failure in a specific region.
Remediation instructions shows you exactly how to fix the issue.


GDPR Compliance
CIS Internet Security Benchmark

Automate Security Management

Gain access to industry leading security benchmarking, vulnerability identification, and history consolidation's all in one place. Intelligent Discovery scans your systems on a read-only basis, without requiring change permissions. This allows you to gain deep insight into your security status without worrying about additional risks.

Customizable Security Controls

Comprehensive cloud checks are executed on the individual account level to identify threats based upon specific descriptions, priorities, and failures. Each of these risk and threat areas are consolidated and viewable in your customizable dashboard.

Get Informed, Take Action

Demonstrate value with reporting and analytics. Administrators can show instant reporting results for both resolution and stakeholder review. Specificity is critical in reporting specific security control violations and cyber risks. Get quick answers to specific resolutions associated with each item in your AWS security assessment. We make it easy to see the problems, find the solutions, and take the appropriate actions safely and efficiently.

Instant Threat Alerts

When it comes to cloud security, you need to be able to react quickly. Get instant threat alerts through email, proprietary internal ticketing integration, or Intelligent Discovery ticketing. Stay vigilant, so you can take prompt action for mitigation and resolution.

Cyber Defense

Hourly Center for Internet Security (CIS) audits are implemented to defend against cyber threats. Leverage regular auditing to capitalize on IT safeguards for your AWS environment. Intelligent Discovery provides application security through extensive best practices.

Security Logging

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) security logging provides secure log file access. Intelligent Discovery consolidates the EC2 data for auditing, storing, accessing, and archiving critical log data. This important data is consolidated and can be displayed in custom reporting as needed.


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Other Key Features


Consolidate your inventory management with consistent and frequent security logs, inventories, and change logs. Dashboard reporting for extensive analytical value.

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Expedite compliance with defined organizational rule sets and customization options with industry standard benchmarks and best practices.

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Cost & Usage

Access consolidated capacity, cost, and volume tools in a scaling environment without impacting production or breaking the bank.

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