Ensure DynamoDB Tables is Using CMK for Encryption

DynamoDB is an amazon proprietary key value store. Since DynamoDB could have sensitive data it should be encrypted at rest using an encryption key that is owned by you. It is for this reason why encrypting your tables is a security best practice and will help you with NIST, GDPR, HIPPA & PCI-DSS compliance.

Audit & Remediation



  • Look at each table that is listed here. Any table that has DEFAULT has an encryption level of AWS wide, meaning the same encryption key is used across all AWS customer accounts using this level.
  • Select the table that has DEFAULT listed.
  • Under the Overview tab, under Table details, select Manage Encryption next to Encryption Type.



  • Under Manage Encryption, select that Customer managed CMK and select a Symmetric key that you have created before.



  • Repeat these steps outlined for each DynamoDB table that you have.
  • Repeat these steps outlined for each Region that you are using.
  • Repeat these steps outlined for each account that you have.
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