Ensure account MFA is enabled

When creating a new AWS account, the email that was used to create the AWS account has the highest privileges. For this reason it is considered a security best practice to enable MFA on the root account. Ensuring that your account is restricted with MFA will help you with CIS and NIST Compliance.

Audit & Remediation

  • Login into your AWS account (with your root account)
  • Navigate to the IAM service at: https://console.aws.amazon.com/iam
  • On the top navigation bar, select your account name | id and then select My Security Credentials.



  • Under Your Security Credentials select the Multi-factor authentication (MFA) accordion to expand, then select Activate MFA.



  • Choose the MFA device that you wish to enable. We will leverage the Virtual device and leverage the google authenticator device.



  • On your mobile device use Google Authenticator and scan the QR code. Add the number displayed on your Authenticator application into the MFA Code 1 box. Once the number changes, add the next number into the MFA Code 2 box and then choose Assign MFA.



  • Repeat the outlined steps in each of your accounts.
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